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Executive Evolution
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Leadership Execution Bundle –

Let’s get personal.  While this package includes all the components of the Execution Package, it is all about you and only you.  This “built for you” package is all about you, your growth, and your opportunities.  Discover your strengths, your weaknesses and unleash the potential within you. 

This individualized coaching bundle will provide you with the tools and capabilities to unlock your potential.  This program will be custom designed to meet your specific goals. 

This individual and personal coaching bundle includes:
  • Discovery Assessment a 360° Self-Awareness Assessment
  • In-Depth report from the 360° Evaluation
  • 90-minute one-to-one onboarding call to analyze and interpret the 360° Report and introduce the coaching process
  • Development of your own leadership success journey action plan
  • Two additional mid journey 180 Degree and 360° assessments as driven by your customized coaching journey
  • Lifetime access to the 9 Minutes to Success – Core series programming, eBooks and community including the 9 Minutes to Change Your Life Programming
  • Two-year access to the 9 Minutes to Success – Success Mastery Series Catalog of coaching videos and premium content – Contains all three success series programs and over 100 coaching conversation starting videos
  • Membership into the 9 Minutes to Success Action Coaching Community
  • 9 Minutes to Success App for iOS & Android
  • Four - 60-minute one-to-one coaching sessions and accountability calls to explore individual level progress and fine tuning
  • Four - Invitations to join group coaching calls with other cohort participants to discuss and discover the 4 core competencies
  • Emotional Intelligence focused 360° assessment and in-depth report and analysis as your near completion of your journey
  • EQ Assessment analysis and interpretation session
  • 90-minute capstone “Next Steps” one-to-one coaching session to launch the new you
  • Individualized participation with invitation to small cohort coaching offerings

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This Bundle Also includes access to the

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This Bundle Also includes access to the

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This Bundle Also includes access to the

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