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Hire the Best Ditch The Rest



By Richard George
Hire the Best – Ditch the Rest highlights proven team-building strategies by identifying the “12 Types” of employees. Identifying the employees that are “toxic” to your team is the key ingredient to building successful teams. Scores of supervisors spend too much time trying to “realign” substandard team members only to decide later that it was all done in vain. This book helps to identify the “lost causes” and enables a supervisor to react quickly and efficiently. More importantly, this book arms supervisors with the tools to identify the “12 Types” of employees during the recruiting process to prevent dealing with the same toxins running through the veins of their team.
Rich has refined this strategy into an easy-to-follow format that will give readers information that they can use the minute that they read it. It has been proven time and again that the value of a cohesive team is immeasurable, and that business units that have cohesive teams outperform similar business units by exponential degrees. This no-nonsense approach is a concept that is not difficult to understand and has a huge potential for the return on investment of time and energy.
It has been said time and time again that if we continue to do what we have always done, we will continue to get the result that we have always gotten. This adage is so true when it comes to building teams, it seems as though we continually fight with the same problems just different faces. It is time to do something different and not only get a different result but an exceptional result. If you learn to prioritize team building you will assemble the right team first, and then you can get to the business of achieving exceptional results
The Twelve Cs of an Exceptional Leader

The Twelve C's of an Exceptional Leader

Decoding the Leadership Puzzle

By Richard George
Do you desire to become a Leader? Are you already a Leader and desire to be better?

No matter where you may be in your career, this book is for you.  The Twelve C's of Effective Leadership is unlike any book on Leadership you may have ever read. Rather than give you a few buzzwords and meaningless advice, this book is full of information about how to take yourself to the next level of your Leadership journey.  This book is based on my personal observations working my way up the corporate ladder and eventually becoming a CEO, before I realized my true calling and became a motivational speaker for businesses. 

Beyond just my personal experience, I have interviewed many people from bosses to individual workers, I have taught business classes, and have studied how to be a Leader from all the available resources on the market. Taking all of that, I developed the 12 C's to jumpstart your journey to becoming a better leader.

In this book, we go into how your actions matter, the importance of communication, using failure, branding, and of course The Twelve C's of an Exeptional Leader: Courage, Charisma, Character, Compassion, Creativity, Competence, Common Sense, Collaborative Spirit, Communicator, Conviction, Capacity, Credibility.

This is the kind of book that you always want to keep with you, as each time you read it, you'll no doubt learn something new or find a way to improve yourself as a Leader.