Courage - What’s in it For Me?

Jun 25 / Rich George

Courage is a truly remarkable quality. To those who have embraced it fully, the essence of courage needs no explanation - it's an integral part of how they live. But for those still struggling to find their brave spirit, courage can feel like an enigma.  

The thing is, courage is not about the absence of fear, nor is it just blind bravery. Even the most courageous people experience fear, just like you and me. The difference lies in how they respond, as the wise Osho Rajneesh explains:

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"In the beginning, there is little difference between a coward and a courageous person. The only difference is this: the coward listens to their fears and follows where those fears lead, while the courageous person feels those fears yet puts them aside to move forward, into the unknown."

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Can you feel the power in those words? The courageous don't run from fear - they feel it fully, yet choose to walk through it towards growth.

Embracing the Thrill of the Unknown

When you choose to be brave, even though you feel scared, something incredible happens. It becomes an exciting journey where you discover new things. You get a tingly feeling that wakes up your whole body. You feel so alive and full of energy. The nervous feeling you had from being afraid now pushes you to keep going. Embracing courage allows what once frightened you to fuel your spirit of exploration.

To embrace the unknown, even while afraid - that is true courage.

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In those courageous moments, you tap into an inner strength and drive. Your purpose becomes crystal clear - the fears and doubts fade away. By stepping outside your comfort zone into the unfamiliar, you unlock an exciting adrenaline rush that energizes your whole being.  

This is how people with true courage live - constantly seeking out new adventures and growth, not just occasionally, but as an entire mindset. It's a lifestyle of boldly venturing into the unknown, feeling fully alive, and continually evolving. Courage becomes the fuel that allows you to live life to the absolute fullest.

The journey of embracing courage and stepping into the unknown can feel daunting at first. But you don't have to take those first steps alone. Our free 9 Minutes to Change Your Life video series can provide guidance and community support as you begin venturing outside your comfort zone. In just 9 minutes per day, you'll gain insights on cultivating the mindsets and habits that allow courage to thrive. A taste of how life-changing personal growth can be.

Life Should Be One Big Adventure

Let's be real - life is utterly unpredictable, no matter how hard we try to plan and organize every detail. One minute you think you have it all figured out, and the next moment throws you a curveball. Despite our best efforts, life will always have an inherent element of randomness.

From an early age, we're taught to seek out security and stability above all else, to feel safe and protected. But you know what? Those teachings can actually hold us back from truly living. They rob us of valuable opportunities for growth.

The wise Helen Keller put it perfectly:

"Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger in the long run is no safer than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing."

Her words are powerful food for thought. When we cling too tightly to the illusion of security, we might just be missing out on the grand adventure life has to offer. Having the courage to embrace the unknown opens up a world of possibility.
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Courage requires living from the heart

The word itself derives from the Latin "cor" meaning "of the heart." To be truly courageous, you must embrace the unknown and insecurity that life brings.

Listen to your heart consciously and attentively, and then follow where it leads.

Yes, you'll make mistakes, question your judgement, and sometimes feel like starting over. But by leading with your heart and having the courage to face the unfamiliar, you'll be living life to its fullest potential. Your confidence will grow, your competence will elevate, and "you'll become infinitely wiser from the journey.

Have the courage to heed your heart's callings - that's where the greatest adventures and personal growth await.

Courage Means Being Decisive

Mistakes are inevitable. Our mistakes are how we develop experience, and we learn. We just need to prevent making the same mistakes twice. Avoidance illustrates that we learned from the first time.

We gain nothing from being fearful or frightened, so we must avoid wasting any time with the things that scare us. 

Instead, we head into the unknown. We take decisive action. If something is not working, learn from it, make another decision, and find a new course. Remain agile, pivot swiftly through stumbling blocks.

Courage thrives in an accelerated and decisive environment.

Life itself flourishes in a fast moving, decisive environment.Life flourishes when you live decisively. So if you want a memorable, exhilarating life of growth, keep moving forward boldly. Don't let fear rob you.

Living decisively requires knowing yourself deeply - your authentic strengths, vulnerabilities, and what's holding you back from taking bold action. That's why a key part of the journey is completing a comprehensive self-assessment. 

Our comprehensive 360-degree analysis can provide powerful insights into your current mindsets, behaviors, and blind spots that may be holding you back. By honestly evaluating where you're at today, you can start making decisions truly aligned with your highest values and potential.

If you're interested in exploring this self-assessment tool further, I'd be happy to provide more details. Just let me know and we can discuss the next steps to kickstart your journey of self-discovery.

Courage is Key to Avoiding Anxiety

We've all been there - stuck in a cycle of worry, thinking about a problem over and over again until the anxiety feels overwhelming. But here's the thing - excessive worrying never actually solves anything. It only breeds more anxiety that can leave you paralyzed by fear. Don't let yourself fall into that trap.

The antidote to fears or anxiety is courage. Contemplate a challenge just long enough to understand it, then make a decision and take action immediately.  

Don't delay - the longer you wait, the more that anxious feeling grows. Have the courage to face it head-on. You might be surprised to find that when you take decisive action, the anxiety simply evaporates, replaced by a sense of excitement for the new path forward. Worry resolves nothing, but courage can dramatically improve your life.

Live with a Sense of Adventure

In life, fortune favours the courageous. Courage pushes us to seize each moment and live it fully, without dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery - so do what you're doing with your whole heart right now.

If you make that conscious choice to live with courage, you open the door to a vibrant, exciting life.

Your life is simply the sum of your experiences after all. And you always have the power to make those experiences extraordinary, vibrant, memorable, legendary even. So listen to the callings of your heart. What is it urging you to courageously pursue? Embrace courage, and an amazing adventure awaits - stumbles and all. You may not get everything perfect, but you'll recover, grow, and create a life so vividly alive that it's truly worth living.

Rich George
Your Success Coach

Your NOI Coach is Rich George, a successful business owner and published author that has over 30 years of business experience. Rich brings a no-nonsense approach to strategic planning and a passion for building cultures.